Boston's Finest Basketball Teaching Camp since 1993

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Noted camp conducts week long camp at Melrose for area youth.


The Rising Star Basketball School recently completed a successful at Melrose High School.  The camp attracts players from Greater Boston and focuses on strong teaching and individual improvement. Many programs from throughout the area sent several players from their program.


The camp is directed by Kevin O'Brien, longtime college coach and Mike Kasprzak, veteran head coach from Melrose High.  Other key staff included head Coaches from Brian Caira from Stoneham High, John Fleming from Winchester High, Brendan Kent from Melrose Middle School, David Clay Triton and Jay Johnston from Natick High.  Bobby Martin, former NBA player and now a personal coach gave a lecture during the week.  


Rising Star emphasizes strong teaching of the fundamentals. Players worked on improving on their skill development and were assigned to an appropriate division based on grades that included 10 games including playoffs and improvement drills. Daily 3 on 3 games have become very competitive.  


The following players were presented awards at a ceremony at the conclusion of the camp:


NBA Division

All Stars:                           Hometown:

Cam Armand                       Rowley

Julian Nyland                      Melrose

Trace Schaejbe                    Salem

Corey Parsons                     Rowley

Nate Tenaglia                      Tewksbury


Award Winners:                Name:                                Hometown:

Attitude Award                    Nick Venora                       Lynnfield

Mr. Stations                         Eddie Bianco                      Winchester

Most Improved                    Mike Carlino                       Melrose

Best Defender                      Charles Bonasoro                Melrose

Outstanding Player              Colby Andrews                    Melrose


Camper of the Day            Name:                                Hometown:

Monday                               Sean Prendergast                Melrose

Tuesday                               Nick Venora                       Byfield

Wednesday                          Mike Mitchell                     Salem

Thursday                             Henry McDonough             Winchester


Big East

All Stars:                            Hometown:

Jay Tucci                             Melrose                 

Jack McCarthy                    Rowley

Joe Stanton                          Melrose

Will Parsons                        Rowley

Charlie Stanton                    Melrose

Zach Clough                        Newbury

Matt Mulvey                        Reading

Anthony Colozzo                 Melrose


Award Winners:                Name:                                  Hometown:

Attitude Award                    Marina Kerkorian                 Stoneham

Mr. Stations                         Tom Anderson                     Rowley

Most Improved                     Zach Maguire                      Melrose

Best Defender                       Will Pzegeo                         Melrose

Outstanding Player               Corey Bright                        Melrose


Camper of the Day            Name:                                 Hometown:

Monday                               Matt Mulvey                        Reading

Tuesday                               Liam Ton                             Melrose                 

Wednesday                          Joe Stanton                          Melrose

Thursday                             Ethan Nguyen                      Melrose



All Stars:                           Hometown:

Rob Colozzo                       Melrose

Rollie Castineyra                 Marblehead

Aditya Raghavan                 Winchester

Chris Cusolito                     Melrose

Ronan Brown                      Newbury

Alec Peterson                      Melrose


Award Winners:                Name:                               Hometown:

Attitude Award                    Owen Dewey                      Melrose

Mr. Stations                         Jenna Tavanese                  Wilmington

Most Improved                    Owen Sullivan                    Winchester

Best Defender                      Mia Berardino                    Newbury

Outstanding Player              T.J. Overbaugh                   Newbury


Camper of the Day            Name:                                Hometown:

Monday                               Nick Limone                       Medford

Tuesday                               Oliver Hannon                    Melrose

Wednesday                          Robby Wiesen                    Melrose

Thursday                             Alec Peterson                      Melrose