Boston's Finest Basketball Teaching Camp since 1993

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Noted camp conducts week long camp at Waltham for area youth.

The Rising Star Basketball School recently completed a successful Session II at Waltham High School.  The camp attracts players from Greater Boston and focuses on strong teaching and individual improvement. Many programs from throughout the area sent several players from their program.

The camp is directed by Kevin O'Brien, longtime college coach and Joe Killilea, veteran head coach from Newton South. Other key staff included head Coaches from Dave Ford from Brookline and Reggie Hobbs from Lexington Christian.   Celtics assistant coach Jamie Young gave a guest lecture through the week showing the players drills that they use to improve their players. 

Rising Star emphasizes strong teaching of the fundamentals. Players worked on improving on their skill development and were assigned to an appropriate division based on grades that included 10 games including playoffs and improvement drills. Daily 3 on 3 games have become very competitive.  

The following players were presented awards at a ceremony at the conclusion of the camp:



All Stars

Name                                   Hometown

Isiah Pepples                       Brighton

Roman Bernus                    France

Kyle Tobasky                      Needham

James Laurenzi                   Lexington

Henry McDonough            Winchester 


Award Winners

                                            Name                                Hometown

Attitude Award                 Marshall McKenna          Lexington

Mr Stations                        Eddie Bianco                    Winchester

Most Improved                 Eli Bebinger                      Brookline

Outstanding Player          Chris Giant                        Lexington

Best Defender                   Brian Quantrille               Acton-Boxboro


Big East

All Stars

Name                                   Hometown

Noah Gies                            Sudbury

Nathan Vega                        Waltham

Justin Ly                               Stoughton

Zhenyang Luo                     Wayland

Ryan Murray                       Wellesley


Award Winners

                                             Name                                  Hometown

Attitude Award                  Nicholas Busa                    Newton

Mr Stations                         Peter Wolff                        Wayland

Most Improved                  Aidan Sliwkowski               Sudbury

Outstanding Player           Cameron Andrews             Stoughton

Best Defender                   Colin Sanda                         Stoughton



All Stars

Name                                  Team                                 Hometown

Sarah Manganelli               Duke                                 Belmont

Trent Mosquera                 Cuse                                 Brookline

Andrew Landry                   B.C.                                  Newton

John Utnes                         Princeton                         Norway/Newton

Liam Price                           Harvard                            Brookline

Dylan Wang                        Harvard                            Brookline


Award Winners

                                            Name                                 Hometown

Attitude Award                 Anthony Busa                   Newton

Mr Stations                       Matt Price                          Brookline

Most Improved                 Connor Hurley                  Marlborough

Co-Outstanding Player     Tommy Sandu                   Stoughton

Co-Outstanding Player     Will Keating                           Chestnut Hill

Best Defender                  Ben Murray                        Brookline


Camper of the Day

Monday       Name                                                         Team                                     Hometown

Ivy                 Nick Lockwood                                         Princeton                              Brookline

ACC               Sarah Manganelli                                      Duke                                      Belmont

Big East        Eric McDonald                                           Newton                                 Providence

NBA              William Richard                                         Thunder                                Brookline


Tuesday       Name                                                           Team                                     Hometown

Ivy                 Owen Oates                                                Harvard                                 Newton

ACC              Ani Sliwkowski                                             B.C.                                        Sudbury

Big East       Cameron Andrews                                       Georgetown                         Stoughton

NBA              Roman Bernus                                             Celtics                                   France



Wednesday  Name                                                           Team                                    Hometown

Ivy                   Alex Sun                                                       Princeton                             Winchester

ACC                 Finn Foley                                                    Syracuse                               Brookline

Big East           Noah Gies                                                    St John’s                               Sudbury

NBA               Ryan Buschini                                              Heat                                      Lexington


Thursday       Name                                                            Team                                     Hometown

Ivy                   Owen Holland                                             Harvard                                  Newton

ACC                 Matt Lopez                                                  Syracuse                                Waltham

Big East          David Speidel                                              Villanova                                Newton

NBA              Brian Quantrille                                           Lakers                                    Acton