Boston's Finest Basketball Teaching Camp since 1993

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Noted camp conducts week long camp at Mansfield SportsPlex for area youth.

The Rising Star Basketball School recently completed a successful week of camp at the Mansfield SportsPlex.  The camp attracts top coaches and players from Greater Boston and focuses on strong teaching and individual improvement.   Many programs from throughout the area sent several players from their programs including Bishop Feehan, King Philip, Norwood, Dedham, Brockton, Sharon and Mansfield. 

The camp is directed by longtime college coach Kevin O'Brien. He is assisted by Matt Freeman, head coach at Bishop Feehan and Rich Cormier, head coach at Norwood.  Other key staff included coaches, Bruce Bouck, assistant coach at Mansfield High, Matt Coute, head coach at King Phillip, Chris Fraioli, head coach at Dedham High, Rick Grady, head coach at Dover-Sherborn, Ryan Killilea, assistant coach at Wentworth Institute, Bruce Jackman, head coach at Sharon High, Sean Mulkerrins, head coach at North Attleboro High School and Doug Alves, head coach at Bridgewater Raynham.  Guest lecturers were Mike Vaughn, head coach at Mansfield High, and Paul Connolly, head coach at Newton South High.

Rising Star emphasizes strong teaching of the fundamentals. Players worked on improving on their skill development and were assigned to an appropriate division based on grades that included 10 games including playoffs and improvement drills. Daily 3 on 3 games have become very competitive.  


The following players were presented awards at a ceremony at the conclusion of the camp:


NBA Division

Name                                    Hometown

Nick Botelho                      Norton/BFHS

David Carchedi                  Mansfield/BFHS

Matt Ehlich                         Mansfield

Kasey Kirby                         Dedham

Kevin Perry                         Norwood


Award Winners                                Name                                    Hometown

Outstanding Player                          Hakeem Animashean             Dedham

Attitude Award                                 Matt Lowerre                         Sharon 

Mr Stations                                      Matt Everton                           Mansfield/BFHS

Most Improved                                Nick Dumont                            Plainville

Best Defender                                 Raheem Powell                       Dedham


Camper of the Day                           Name                                    Hometown

Monday                                             James O’Brien                       Norfolk

Tuesday                                            Stephen Gagnier                  Wrentham/BFHS

Wednesday                                      Raheem Powell                     Dedham

Thursday                                          Jove Dorsica                       Norwood




Big East

All Stars

Name                                    Hometown

Chad Peterson                      North Attleboro

Paul Roche                            North Attleboro

Jarred Houston                     Norwood

Mike James                           Norwood

Matt Lehoullier                      Plainville


Award Winners                                Name                                    Hometown

Outstanding Player                          Noah Goodwin                     Wrentham

Attitude Award                                 Matt Caruso                         Brockton

Mr Stations                                       Mack Baratta                        Mansfield

Most Improved                                Jason Cooper                        Pawtucket, RI

Best Defender                                 Kyle Condon                          Norwood


Camper of the Day          Name                                    Hometown

Monday                               Mack Baratta                     Mansfield

Tuesday                               John Griffin                        Mansfield

Wednesday                       Mark Benson                     Mansfield

Thursday                             Matt Caruso                       Brockton



All Stars

Name                                    Hometown

Connor Sheehan              Norwood

Andrew Brown                 Plainville

Garrett Fish                        Mansfield

Nolan Bradley                    Wrentham

Kyle Healey                        Mansfield


Award Winners                              Name                                    Hometown

Outstanding Player                         Trey Wilkes                         Walpole

Attitude Award                                Nathan Gonsalves              North Attleboro

Mr Stations                                      Dan Pugatech                      Norwood

Most Improved                                Brad Corn                            Sharon

Best Defender                                 Caden Colby                       Mansfield


Camper of the Day                         Name                                    Hometown

Monday                                           Trevor Flint                         Mansfield

                                                        Liam Fogarty                      Norwood

Tuesday                                          Caden Colby                       Mansfield

                                                        Tyler Darling                       Plainville

Wednesday                                     Nate Yaffe                          Sharon

                                                         Valter Santiago                 Norwood

Thursday                                        Sean Palladini                    Mansfield

                                                        Adam Islam                        Norwood