Boston's Finest Basketball Teaching Camp since 1993

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We create the right Atmosphere For Players to Get Better!!!

"A winner is someone who recognizes his God-give talent, works his tail off to develop them into skills, and uses these skills to accomplish his goals."

Larry Bird

At Rising Star Basketball School, we operate with four basic principals in mind.

The deterioration of skill development in the United States has been attributed to the lack of fundamentals. Players are not being taught properly if at all. Across the country shooting, ballhandling, passing and overall team concepts have suffered over the last several years. RISING STAR values improving these very necessary skills that every aspiring player must have, regardless of level.

Skill Work
Our fundamental basketball drills have been used by top college and professional players. Concepts are carefully demonstrated and then implemented so players can learn by doing. Our coaches are hired to be keen observers and encouraged to make corrections immediately. Anyone walking into our gyms can observe teaching going on constantly. This is our mission.

Our goal is player involvement and enjoyment over the course of the week. Low player-to-coach ratios ensure the personal attention that promotes faster learning and deeper understanding of the concepts that define the fundamentally sound player. Fast paced drills and games provide opportunities to use new skills and to sense the wonderful feeling that "I'm getting better!"

Every day, before and after camp, members of the staff are on hand to provide individual instruction to any camper who would like extra work. We are a camp founded on making a difference. We work at it at all levels.


The Rising Star Basketball School provides a special Venue for aspiring players to learn and improve.  This has been our goal since our inception.  Rising Star is full of great success Stories at all our levels.  We divide the camp into divisions by age and ability.  Our youngest players are taught to their level the same techniques as our top high school players.

Each year we hear about great success stories of former campers who made their travel team, junior high team, J.V. or Varsity teams.  Most tell us that their experience at Rising Star impacted their progress in a positive way.